Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Posters That You Need To Check Out

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

GhostbustersFor many people of my generation, Ghostbusters sits at the pinnacle of what a movie comedy can do. An incredible cast of comedians and a legendary director, all at the top of their games, come together to create one of the most memorable films in cinema history. It’s no surprise that we’re still talking about Ghostbusters after 30 years, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Despite some dated fashion choices, it holds up and is every bit as hilarious as it was in 1984. To celebrate the three-decade mark, Gallery 1988 has put together a traveling art show of pieces inspired by the film. We’ve got a look at some of them, and they are fantastic.

“The Flowers are Still Standing” by Mark Englert depicts one of my favorite scenes, where the fledgling team bags Slimer, their first score. Sure, they wreck up a fancy hotel dining room, but you can clean that up without too much fuss, the goo that Slimer leaves behind, not as easy to scrub off.

GhostbustersDan Mumford’s “Are You A God?” reminds us of one of the most enduring lessons Ghostbusters teaches us, if someone happens to ask if you are in fact a god, you say yes, always yes.

GhostbustersMike Mitchell’s piece captures the look and feel of the film’s theatrical posters, while driving home the fact of just how deadly a giant walking marshmallow can be. Many of us never looked at the task of making smores quite the same ever again.

GhostbustersWho among us didn’t want our first car to be Ecto-1? I certainly did, and still do, and you have to love that image of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man reflected in the windshield. That little detail is a perfect touch.

GhostbustersAnthony Petrie’s entry gets the award for the most inventive use of space and combination of elements. Slimer, Stay Puft, and a map of the New York City subway system. At least two of those things scream Ghostbusters, though the subway portion is admittedly more related to the sequel, but we’re willing to let that slide.

GhostbustersNicole Gustafsson’s building in a bottle is just rad. There’s not much to say about it that you won’t notice for yourself by gawking at it for a moment.

Ghostbusters“There’s Something You Don’t See” is definitely an understatement, unless you inhabit a world where a marshmallow dancing on top of an evil dog-like creature that used to be Rick Moranis is normal. I can’t tell if that realm would be magical or horrifying.

GhostbustersJoshua Budich’s poster is already fantastic at first glance, but then you turn out the lights…

Ghostbusters…and it glows in the freaking dark. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Ghostbusters 30th anniversary art show will be in New York until April 26, Los Angeles May 17-June 1, Chicago June 20-22, and in San Diego for Comic-Con July 23-27.

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