Ghostbusters 3 May Film In Cleveland In 2014

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

ghostbustersFor good or ill, it’s starting to look like Ghostbusters 3 might actually happen. Why, no one is particularly sure, but if the last Indiana Jones movie can actually happen, then nothing is sacred. The other day the news broke that Sony wants to cast young stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the film, and now rumors are floating around that Ghostbusters 3 will start filming in Cleveland sometime in the spring of next year.

According to WKYC, an NBC of affiliate out of the most populous city in Ohio, the film, which always seems to “just about” to finally come together, will start rolling in the spring. Here’s exactly what they said:

More movie projects are on the way. One being the sequel to “Ghostbusters” as Sony has penciled in spring 2014 date to start shooting the third installment here in Cleveland.

Right now this is all we have to go on. Though multiple outlets have reached out to the studios, nothing has been confirmed, so it’s possible, perhaps even probable, that nothing will come of this. That’s the way it’s gone with this movie so far, you hear one thing, and then a short time later you hear the exact opposite. This is definitely one of those situations where, until there are actual images on actual film, you should never fully believe what you hear.

Again, nothing concrete is known about the plot, but Dan Akroyd has talked about it at various times. The story revolves around a younger generation of researchers at Columbia University working on particle physics. Whatever it is that these kids are in the thick of, their discovery begins to threaten the very dimension we live in, and the “four planes of existence, length, height, width, and time.” And when you have a problem like this, who ya gonna call?

Only this time you might not recognize the Ghostbusters on the other end of the line. A new generation is on the job, and you can’t help but assume that, if Hill and Stone do indeed join the project, they’ll be part of this next generation. Over the years there have been rumors that this new crew includes children of the first crew. We’ve also heard that Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman will be a ghost, though he’s always seemed less than enthusiastic about a third Ghostbusters. Who knows what will actually happen?

Like I said, we’ve been hearing about Ghostbusters 3 for years, and nothing has ever materialized. With two reports like this coming out in quick succession, does this mean that the ball is finally rolling, or is this yet another instance of rampant speculation that, in the end, won’t amount to a damn thing?

How do you feel about the idea of Ghostbusters 3? Are you on board, or do you think they should just leave well enough alone and not tarnish the legacy of what came before?