Ghostbuster Does A Back Flip, Gets Arrested For Mischief

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Obviously, Halloween is a great time to dress up like your favorite superhero, eat lots of candy, drink copious amounts of alcohol in public, and, of course, hook up with anonymous, questionable partners. But please, be smart about it. Don’t act like an idiot and draw attention to yourself. Don’t be like this drunken college kid dressed like a Ghostbuster.

It’s impressive that he did this while cops were next to him. Maybe he thought the cops would be cool about it considering how high up he was doing a back flip, but he was wrong. Getting arrested for something crazy like this is very stupid.

It’s almost funny, after he lands he says, “I’m sorry, sir” to the cops while he’s probably thinking to himself “No harm, no foul.” But then the cops grab him and the situation gets real, real fast. The look on the kid’s face is priceless. The cops involved aren’t the coolest either. Is it illegal to record a cop arresting a drunken mischievous buffoon? Smart-ass cops!

This video has spread around the Internet like wildfire. There have already been a few remixes and parodies of the Ghostbuster back-flip kid video floating around the Internet. Maybe Dan Aykroyd should keep this kid in mind while working on the new Ghostbusters movie. He should think to himself, “At least this kid stuck the landing.”

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