Ghost In The Shell: Arise Trailer Is Packed With Action

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Although there is no American release date for the Ghost in the Shell prequel series yet, fans of the influential sci-fi anime film are eager to lay their eyes on Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The anime that was a big influence on the Wachowskis’ Matrix trilogy hasn’t gotten its due in the U.S., but in Japan, it’s one of the country’s biggest sci-fi properties. The trailer above features the film’s thrilling action, and a young Motoko Kusanagi kicking ass with the Section 9 assault team.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise will open theaters in Japan this June, but sadly the trailer above isn’t dubbed or subtitled into English. Just sit back and enjoy the action! A few months ago, I.G. Productions released an earlier version of the trailer, and even the entire opening title sequence. In true Japanese anime fashion, there’s plenty of fan service to enjoy!

Ghost in the Shell: Arise takes place in the year 2027, two years before the original Ghost in the Shell film. The new series will focus on a young Motoko Kusanagi — a female cyborg and leader of the Section 9 assault team in the original Ghost in the Shell — and her partner Batou. Section 9 is the police squad on the interactive network that protects it from hackers and criminals in a dystopian future world.

The new anime mini-series will be made up of four hour-long episodes that will be released theatrically in Japan. Following the Japanese release, there will be a U.S. Blu-ray/DVD release, most likely in 2014. The new mini-series will also be accompanied by a new manga release called Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Sleepless Eye.