See George Lucas’ Titanic Congratulations To James Cameron

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and James Cameron are members of some very exclusive clubs. All three have created films that are not only certified classics of the genre, but which managed to shatter the boundaries of that genre and find insane levels of mainstream success. All three have helped shape the landscape of both filmmaking and pop culture over the past three decades. All three have had a film that spent time as the number-one box-office record holder. And as that torch has been passed over the years, they’ve each been involved in the Hollywood tradition of taking out an ad to congratulate the new champion. Spielberg did it when Star Wars surpassed Jaws for the record, and Lucas returned the favor when E.T. lapped Star Wars. In 1998 a new guy joined the club when James Cameron’s Titanic took the box office by storm. How did George pass his congrats on to Cameron? Just take a look:

The image appeared as a full-page ad in Variety, and thanks to the magic of the internet now those of us who weren’t Hollywood insiders or Variety subscribers back in ’98 can see if for ourselves. I love the little details such as Leia doing the “king of the world” pose on the prow, the cantina band playing on, and Palpatine being rowed to safety by a boatload of jawas. It’s a cool little bit of science fiction history that only leaves one question: when Avatar stole the box-office record from Titanic, did James Cameron have to take out an ad to congratulate himself?

Story via The Geek Twins

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