Did George Lucas Want The Director Of Safety Not Guaranteed To Take Over The Star Wars Saga?

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

At the moment, the Star Wars: Episode VII director’s job is the hottest in Hollywood, and there have already been a lot of names thrown around as possibilities to helm the epic space opera. Now comes word that, months before the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, George Lucas was reported to have met with an up-and-coming director for the coveted position.

It was reported by CeleBuzz.com that the creator of the Star Wars universe met with indie director Colin Trevorrow to discuss the possibility of taking over the saga and directing Episode VII. Trevorrow has only directed one feature-length film, the indie sci-fi comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, starring Mark Duplass, Aubrey Plaza, and Jake M. Johnson. Although Trevorrow is not a household name, he has caught the attention of George Lucas and Lucasfilm.

Considering George Lucas no longer has creative control over Star Wars, it’s unclear if Trevorrow will ultimately be the new director. In his retirement statement, Lucas mentioned turning over the Star Wars saga to a new generation of filmmakers, so it’s certainly possible the new director could be a relative unknown and unproven filmmaker. [Although it seems unlikely that Disney would sign off on such a risk. – Ed.]

Director Matthew Vaughn has been rumored to be in talks for the Episode VII director’s job, which could be a reason why he dropped out of X-Men: Days of Future Past for Twentieth Century Fox. There have been other directors, like Brad Bird, who have been championed by their fans to take over the Star Wars franchise. So far no director has been named, but Lucasfilm and Disney have to make a decision on a new director and writer soon if they want to meet the 2015 release date deadline.