George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Talk About The Future Of Star Wars

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The biggest news story of the year was Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm along with the Star Wars franchise and the retirement of George Lucas. The news almost broke the Internet as word got out that Disney would be making a new Star Wars trilogy with Episode VII in 2015. Now former Lucasfilm head George Lucas and newly appointed president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy are talking about transitioning into the future for the Star Wars franchise. Watch the video below…

A few months ago, George Lucas announced he would sell Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company for $4.05 Billion, which Lucas later donated to charity and improvement of education. Producer Kathleen Kennedy will take over George Lucas’ duties with the Star Wars franchise for Lucasfilm and Disney. They have already announced Michael Arndt as the new screenwriter for Star Wars: Episode VII and future plans for more Star Wars movies in the upcoming years. In 2013, Disney will announce the new director who will oversee the production of the first movie in a new sequel trilogy.

We’re only two years away from Star Wars: Episode VII opening in theaters. There is no doubt that 2013 will bring more news about the new movie and the future of the Star Wars Saga. Hopefully, Jar-Jar Binks will not be featured, spoken upon, or mentioned in the new sequel trilogy.

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