Hunger Games Sequel Needs A New Director, Someone Should Call Alfonso Cuaron

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Hunger Games is a huge box office success, so you’d think that Lionsgate might want him back to direct the sequel. Maybe they do, but he doesn’t want to be involved. Gary Ross announced today that he’s out of the Hunger Games business and moving on to something else.

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I really liked The Hunger Games as a movie but it wasn’t really because of anything Ross did as a director. At best his direction was capable. He didn’t mess it up, but it’s not like he really lifted the story beyond its source material either. Gary Ross is no Peter Jackson. Actually what they really need is Alfonso Cuaron.

If they’re looking for someone new to helm the sequel Catch a Fire, as Deadline suggests, then that’s who I’d be calling. Cuaron stepped in and directed the Harry Potter franchise, taking it over from the capable but uninspired Chris Columbus and turning it into something both cinematic and special. If this franchise is going to hang on to people’s attention, it could use a little of that magic.

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