Gallery Of Behind The Scenes Pictures From All You Need Is Kill

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

When last we saw Tom Cruise, the 50-year-old actor was wearing a bulky mech suit, running from fire in the first image from his upcoming sci-fi joint, All You Need Is Kill. The action adventure is currently filming in London, and now a new collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the set show a different side of the story. You’ll notice significantly less alien fighting, as these pictures focus more on other elements from the film.

But before we get to any of that, why don’t you pause for a moment to watch this video of a massive military helicopter landing in the middle of one of London’s most recognizable locations, Trafalgar Square. That alone should indicate what a big production this is; it isn’t everyday you can convince the government to shut down one of their most popular destinations so you can shoot a silly little movie there.

Based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel of the same name, All You Need Is Kill is about a soldier fighting an alien invasion. Every day he dons a big, robotic suit, and every day he dies, being reborn to fight again. He exists within this endless loop of battles and death, until one day he sees something different, something that just might be the key to ultimate escape. The plot is something like Groundhog Day, but instead of courting Andie MacDowell every day, the protagonist wakes up to duke it out with aliens.

Most of these pictures are of Cruise, looking like a dapper gent, dressed in his tidy military uniform. There are lots of tanks, helicopters, and extras in battle gear, so you can be pretty sure that they’re filming an action scene in Trafalgar. Beyond that, there isn’t much information to glean from these images. You do, however, get a solid feel for the scope and budget of the production. And when we’re talking an epic alien invasion flick, a big budget means massive, eye-catching spectacles, and isn’t that what we really want out of a movie like this?

All You Need Is Kill co-stars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton, and is slated for release in March 2014.

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