Gale Anne Hurd Talks Zombies And Walking Dead Season 4

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Zombie Hungry!


Now that The Walking Dead has wrapped up its season three with a disappointing finale, not much has changed in terms of location or motivation on AMC’s widely popular zombie series. While the Governor (David Morrissey) is still out there somewhere and the people at Woodbury are now at the prison with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group, it’s almost maddening to think of how little momentum the series has going into season four.

In an interview with IGN, Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd talked about what to expect from the next season of the show. Hurd contends that the Governor is still a threat, even with only two henchmen and a small arsenal of weapons. Hurd says:

The Governor is still out there with Shumpert and Martinez. They’ve still got significant firepower. If they go to Woodbury, at this point, Woodbury’s not as protected as it used to be. I think everyone was traumatized by what happened, and I think they feel safer in the prison.

It sounds like season four of The Walking Dead may be a retread of season three. To this point, The Walking Dead has always relied on the vicious and unexpected zombies to create drama. At any time, a zombie can kill anyone. But in recent episodes, the zombies have become less of a threat to anyone in the show’s main cast. Gale Anne Hurd suggests the zombie threat for season four will be more violent and unexpected than in any previous season. Hurd continues:

I don’t think that in a show that goes from season to season — we are living in a zombie apocalypse, we’re living in an apocalypse where we know that unless someone has brain trauma, they’re going to come back. Regardless of how they die, they’re going to turn into a zombie. So I think it would be a good bet to say that the zombies become more threatening in seasons to come.

There really wasn’t enough satisfying about the season three finale to sustain fans for another six months until the series returns for season four. Is it possible that The Walking Dead has made zombies boring?