Back To The Future: The Real Cost Of Doc Brown’s Mansion And A DeLorean Limo

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Back to the FutureWho knew that the characters in Back to the Future were such ballers? We certainly didn’t, but apparently we were wrong. For example, Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, perfectly portrayed by Christopher Lloyd. His house may be big, but it appears run down and shabby at first glance, but according to a new infographic, it is worth far more than you might initially expect. And then there’s his ride. Sure, he has made some serious custom modifications to his stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12, but even in 1985, it was widely recognized as a total dog of a car. That is until you see the stretch limousine that one intrepid inventor created.

Because it’s the Internet, and this is the sort of thing you do here, the team at MOVOTO real estate has taken it upon themselves to calculate the real-world value of Doc Brown’s mansion. They consider factors like square footage, power usage, and suburban northern California location to calculate the value of the property, but in 1955 as well as the modern world.

According to their estimates, Doc Brown’s house is worth a whopping $1,676,700 on the current open market, and $194,981 in 1955 dollars, which sounds like a much more reasonable number. You have to wonder if the purchase price includes all of Doc’s nifty scientific gear? Probably not, you likely just get the house, but maybe you can work out a deal that would allow you to keep that massive amplifier that blasts Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) off of his feet. I feel like that’s not asking too much if you drop $1.6 million on a house.

Back to the FutureAnd you’re going to need some wheels to go with your new pad, and when you have a sweet place like Doc Brown’s mansion, not just any car will do. You’re going to want to pull up to your new home in something like this stretch DeLorean limousine. It has all of the standard amenities you expect from the short-lived auto manufacturer, including those trademark gullwing doors, the stainless steel body, and fiberglass undercarriage, but in triplicate.

According to a Reddit user, this particular vehicle was part of a recent DeLorean show, which is apparently a thing that happens. There haven’t been this many of the distinctive vehicles in one place at the same time since the factory closed in 1982, after founder John DeLorean was arrested on drug trafficking charges, which is sure to put a crimp in your business plan.