A Re-enactment Of Robert Zemeckis’s Back To The Future Pitch Meeting

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The stupidity of Hollywood executives is near legendary. Their tendency to distill complex ideas down to demographics and childish concepts has ruined more than a few potentially great movies. So what must it have been like for a filmmaker like Robert Zemeckis to go around pitching, what must have at the time been a crazy idea, something such as Back to the Future?

That’s the premise of this video which attempts to recreate the objections Robert Zemeckis must have faced from Hollywood’s brain dead, coked up, 80s studio execs. Watch them suggest he ditch the time travel in favor of spending more time on the heart of the story, Marty and Jennifer’s plan to go camping, in the following Back to the Future pitch meeting re-enactment…

When you put it that way, maybe Zemeckis did have some weird sexual issues? …nah.


  1. TK521 says:

    What’s sad is that this is how Hollywood execs really DO seem to act nowadays…I miss the days of intelligent, fun scripts. The last movie I saw that actually challenged me in this regard was Inception.

  2. UnRiel says:

    Hey was that Moist from Dr Horrible?

  3. Jamie Helton says:

    That actually reminds me of a pitch session I did with a post apocalyptic screenplay I wrote where the creative executive didn’t understand the entire concept and was confused why the world wasn’t destroyed by “an earthquake.”  Her assistant loved the pitch, but even he couldn’t get his boss to understand that a single earthquake could not destroy the planet.