Back To The Future Mod For Grand Theft Auto IV

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

We’re one step closer to owning a good Back to the Future video game. Reddit user SeedyOne has created a very convincing BTTF video game mod of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC. The user is calling the mod Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley, and the developers at Rockstar Games need to pay attention to this!

SeedyOne’s mod comes complete with a playable Marty McFly skin and a fully functional DeLorean time machine. When you need to get away from the cops, just turn on the time circuits, make sure you have plutonium in the tank (sorry no Mr. Fusion), and get this baby up to 88 mph to see some serious shit! It’s really impressive to watch, although it would’ve been even cooler to see the DeLorean actually travel to a different time period. Check out the video below:

User SeedyOne warns on its YouTube channel to mod Grand Theft Auto with caution. The process was more complex than simply adding a few skins to the video game. They also inform would-be developers to do their research before editing the numerous files of Grand Theft Auto. SeedyOne didn’t include a download link for the BTTF mod.

There have been a number of really bad Back to the Future video games in the past, including all the BTFF video games for the original Nintendo system and Sega Genesis. There is a good version of the BTTF II video game for the Japanese Super Nintendo system but it was never officially imported to the US. Hopefully Rockstar Games or any other video game publisher will release a version of this GTA BTTF mod so gamers can experience what it’s like to travel through time.