Back To The Future Meets Cloud Atlas In This Successful Trailer Mash-Up

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Did you ever stumble across something on the Internet that proved to you that people have too much free time on their hands? You say that happens every single second that you’re online? That sounds about right. This is one of the good examples, though, where you’d want to pat the guy on the back while only silently judging his use of time and talent.

One of the most universally beloved film franchises, the Back to the Future trilogy, goes head-to-head with one of the most ambitious releases of 2012, Cloud Atlas, which split critics right down the middle. We here at GFR were fond of the Wachowski Starship and Tom Twyker’s multi-layered approach to adapting David Mitchell’s sprawling novel. And we have BTTF stories here on a regular basis, so you know how we feel about that. This mash-up from Justin Fields, which matches the epic six-minute Cloud Atlas trailer mixed in with footage from Field’s favorite trilogy, seemingly couldn’t be better.

It’s amazing how flawless it looks, mimicking the original trailer in all the right moments, especially when the voiceover is dubbed over a character, and when the trailer’s visuals are incompatible, Michael J. Fox is a good time-filler. The passage from one film to the next as the eras change in the trailer is a nice touch, even if it isn’t perfect. Fields nails the action, he nails the whimsy, and he even adds a little same-sex romance. I have no idea if Justin will be doing anything else like this, but if not, it’s a great one-off experiment.

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