Go Back To The Future With This Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Flux CapacitorIf you’ve always wanted your very own Flux Capacitor—and let’s face it, if you’re of a certain generation and the Back to the Future movies played an integral part in your childhood development, you do—today is your lucky day. Granted, this isn’t a real Flux Capacitor, it’s a Flux Capacitor car charger, and it won’t help you travel through time. You can, however, plug it into your DeLorean, and it will help you keep your phone and other devices charged.

The innovative folks over at ThinkGeek developed this based on their latest April Fool’s Day prank. Oddly enough, this is not even the first time this has happened. That awesome Star Wars inspired Tauntaun sleeping back also began life in a similar fashion. They definitely have some fun, inventive ideas when it comes to that particular holiday.

The announcement came down last week during San Diego Comic-Con, and even though I don’t have all that many things that would need to be plugged into one of these things, nor do I spend all that much time driving around in my car, I want one, and I want one now. Fortunately for all of us, we won’t have to wait very long, as these will be available for purchase starting in September—the estimated release date is around the 18th, so make sure you keep and eye out for a more concrete schedule. They’re also not super expensive, retailing for $24.99, plus shipping and handling, I’m sure. That seems totally worth it. My birthday isn’t anytime soon, in case anyone out there is wondering.

This officially licensed doohickey is compatible with anything you have that uses a USB connection to charge. This includes your iPhones, iPads, tablets, GPS devices, and all the other gadgets and gizmos you may have on your person at any given time. You can even charge two devices at once; this truly is an amazing future in which we live. It comes with a 12-volt adaptor that plugs into your cigarette lighter, and the best part, it lights up in the traditional Flux Capacitor way as thins charge. You can turn that feature on or off with a switch if you like, which might be a pretty good idea if you’re actually driving, especially at night. That would be distracting, and I’d wind up staring at the flashing lights and giggling and run into a truck or a telephone pole.

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