Help Fund Cities In The Sky, A Documentary Celebrating Forgotten Science Fiction Writers

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

For every legendary science fiction writer, there are dozens more who have faded into obscurity over the years. A handful of hardcore fans exert the effort to track down and explore these contributors to the genre, but the vast majority are simply lost to the sands of time. A proposed documentary called Cities in the Sky: Science Fiction’s Forgotten Visionaries seeks to rectify this injustice. This is a big task, and the filmmakers need your help. Check out their Kickstarter video below, and consider throwing a few bucks their way.

One thing that sets Cities in the Sky apart from other films is that it will combine animation and visual art with the more traditional film components. That’s part of where your money will go, to fund these contributions from artists. They also have a collection of perks for contributors.

The producers have an impressive slate of interviews lined up for the doc. They’re going to talk to artists, filmmakers, writers, and a ton of special effects people who have worked on films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, Stargate, Harry Potter, and many more.

They’re hoping to gain exposure for writers who dealt with such genre topics as aliens, time travel, equal rights, robots, evil robots, and my personal favorite, evil-er robots. Again, their goal is to recognize those pioneers who have been overlooked.

That leads to the biggest question I have about his project. In the video they repeatedly mention these visionary writers who helped shape the genre, but they never actually name any of them specifically. For some reason that feels strange. Granted, they probably go that route figuring most people haven’t heard of these writers—I’m really curious about the “thousands of years ago” component—but a couple of names would lend credence to their argument.

It’ll be interesting to see how Cities in the Sky pans out. There are some definite questions about the film, but there is also a ton of potential that this will be a really interesting documentary.