Full Total Recall Trailer Is Here, Watch Colin Farrell Try On Different Heads

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Maybe there was no real need to remake Total Recall but Underworld director Len Wiseman has gone ahead and done it anyway. The great thing about hiring Len Wiseman to do a job, is he usually brings along his wife Kate Beckinsale. Everything’s better with a little bit of Beckinsale.

You’ll see plenty of her in the first full trailer for the new Total Remake, in which Colin Farrell wakes up in bed with Kate caressing his chest and feels dissatisfied with his lot in life. Obviously, this is not a very realistic movie. Watch as he goes to a Recall facility, loses track of what reality is, and then decides to solve this problem by punching people in the face…

As you can tell the story hasn’t changed much from the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (aside from the fact that it’s no longer on Mars), but the approach to it has. The trailer is non-stop high-octane action and wild camera tricks. Some of those camera tricks are pretty impressive, but at least a couple of them look like exactly what they are: A pair of actors flailing around on wires in front of a green screen.

Don’t let the odd obviously green-screened scene worry you. They have plenty of time to improve the special effects. Colin Farrell’s Total Recall won’t punch into theaters until August 3rd.

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