New Full Prometheus Trailer Promises Something Big With A Small Beginning

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

This is more than just a new trailer for Prometheus, it’s the promise of something bigger and more enveloping than any other film we’ve seen on screen recently. The brilliant thing about this trailer, even more so than the other teasers, is that it promises everything while revealing almost nothing.

It begins with a discovery and ends with a terror beyond all reckoning. Do yourself a favor and watch the new Prometheus trailer right now…

This feels like so much more than just an Alien prequel now. I’m not sure it even feels like an Alien movie at all. More than anything this reminds me of the best moments in John Carpenter’s The Thing. The sheer terror, the frantic desperation, the total mind-numbing shock of a discovery so big that your brain can barely grasp it. It’s all there, lingering right at the edges of what may be one of the greatest teaser trailers ever constructed for the year’s most anticipated movie.

But wait, there’s more.

A new Prometheus viral video has been released to go along with the trailer. That line used by Michael Fassbender at the end? “Big things have small beginnings.” It’s actually a marketing slogan used to advertise the human-like androids being created by the film’s fictional corporation, Weyland Industries. Fassbender plays one of those androids, named David, and here’s how his “life” began…