The Fringe Team Says Goodbye To Fans

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Since the beginning, Fringe has always had a great relationship with fans. Not only does it inspire rabid devotion, but the cast and crew have always seemed to legitimately enjoy interacting with the people who love their show.

Fringe is now dead and gone, with the fifth and final season finished and in the books. In what is really a cool little turn, the stars of the show made this video in order to thank everyone who tuned in week after week to go on crazy-ass adventures, including nasty creatures, alternate universes, and jaunts to the future.

You don’t see stuff like this all that often, and it is definitely something that fans will appreciate. Those who followed the show, even when moved to the TV equivalent of a post-apocalyptic wasteland that is a Friday-night time slot, may find some small bit of solace in this fond farewell from the cast.

There isn’t much to this video, content wise, but the emotional component is through the roof. You get the feeling that this was sprung on the cast without much warning, and that comes across as they struggle to find words to express themselves. That just makes this video that much more adorable. You just want to give them all a big hug.

Fringe closed up shop on the 18th of this month with a two-fer episode. Did you watch it? Do you think it was a fitting conclusion to the season five battle with the Observers? To the show as a whole?

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