Fringe Shooting Two Endings For The Finale

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

With only five episodes left in the season, we still haven’t heard any definitive word about Fringe‘s renewal — or lack thereof — for season five. It’s strangely appropriate, for a show about alternate realities, that the show’s own possible impending end currently exists in two states. According to series star John Noble, Fringe has filmed two different endings for the May 11th finale: one which would serve as a definitive capper for the show, and another that would answer many of the outstanding questions while still allowing them to go forward with another season.

Noble, who plays Walter Bishop on the Fox series, dropped the dual-ending bombshell to TVLine at the opening of the Paley Center’s “TV: Out of the Box” exhibit. He explained that both versions of the finale will address some the season’s big questions, such as the fate of Olivia and the machinations of the villainous David Robert Jones. Noble also teased that there is “something bigger” at work than Jones’ ongoing schemes.

As for a possible fifth season, Joshua Jackson told TVLine that “The writers have given themselves a device by which we can tell a fifth-season story without having to leave this season’s story open.” The situation is reminiscent of the end of Babylon 5‘s fourth season, when series creator J. Michael Straczynski was forced to abbreviate his five-year arc when it looked like the show was not going to be renewed. Straczynski then had to expand storylines to fill out the fifth season after the show received a last-minute reprieve and jumped to TNT for its fifth and final season. Jackson also suggests that viewers pay close attention to the April 20th episode, entitled “Letters of Transit,” for clues as to how this hypothetical fifth season could shake out.

While the show’s ultimate fate is still up in the air, Noble says he is hearing “warm and fuzzy things” and that he thinks the show will be back. Fingers crossed, Fringe fans. There’s little enough genuine, quality science fiction on the tube these days; it’d be a damn shame to lose a show that is still very much in its prime.

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