Fringe Set Photos Show The Fascist State Of The Future

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The fifth and final season of Fox’s sci-fi procedural Fringe is filming in Vancouver, BC, with a start date slated for later this fall. The truncated, 13-episode season will take place largely in the future, in a dystopian future ruled by the Observers, a world first introduced in last season’s episode “Letters of Transit.”

The Observers travelled back from their own time, which they totally screwed up, and have taken over. It’s an Orwellian nightmare where everyone is watching you, waiting to rat you out, and every movement is tracked and scrutinized. Just Jared has a ton of new photos from set, mostly of star Joshua Jackson, which provide a nice glimpse at the setting of season five.

You can see Peter Bishop (Jackson) donning some sort of vaguely fascist police uniform. With that bag he’s carrying it also looks like he may be on his way for an afternoon at the beach.

Georgina Haig is also hanging around. She plays Henrietta Bishop, the future daughter of Peter and Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv).

In this pic Peter has some schmutz on his face. Maybe that’s supposed to be some sort of rune or mark. Perhaps all the guys who wear this uniform bear the same stain, but it really looks like he smudged ink on his cheek.

Jackson and Haig casually strolling down the walkway.

Here’s Jackson, sans shoulder bag, strutting around in his uni.

And he’s making that face.

A close-up of Peter’s Metro Police badge perpetuates the totalitarian theme in the imagery.

Just because you were getting sick of pictures of Jackson, here’s one of co-star Jasika Nicole, who plays Fringe Agent Astrid Farnsworth. And that appears to be a hula-hoop. Let’s hope that prop plays an integral part in season five of Fringe.

This picture really captures the Big-Brother-is-watching tone of the future. Those hanging banners call to mind any number of totalitarian states, both real and fictional. They provide a creepy, sinister edge to the proceedings…

…as do Jack-booted thugs…

…and the fedora-wearing Observers.

These two Observers look more goofy than threatening…

…but this guy is definitely up to no good.

Jackson’s girlfriend, actress Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds), showed up on set. There are pictures of the couple on walks, including a sunset stroll, and going for a morning jog, but those have nothing to do with the show and aren’t particularly interesting.

Season five of Fringe premieres Friday, September 28th on Fox.

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