The Fringe Series Finale Will Be A Three Part Affair

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Fringe just began production on its fifth and final season, a truncated run of 13-episodes. After Fringe took home the Best Network Television Series at the Saturn Awards recently, Collider snagged a lengthy interview with Jack-of-all-trades J.H. Wyman, who serves as executive producer, showrunner, writer, and director. He spent nearly ten minutes talking about the Fringe finale.

More than halfway through the writing process—eight episodes in—Wyman has mixed feelings. He talks about rewriting scenes that are perfectly fine because he doesn’t want to say goodbye to certain characters.

With the end on the horizon, the writing staff is approaching this season as more of a whole than before, as what Wyman calls a “saga.” The fifth season of Fringe should be more of a consecutive string of events, with more continuity between episodes than before. Their most important task, however, is to deliver a natural ending, the ending that the fans would want, that Wyman himself would want as a fan. He is understandably vague when addressing which questions will be answered and which will be left dangling, but this is Fringe, so you don’t expect a tidy little wrap up of every last loose thread. That wouldn’t feel right, and that’s what fan fiction is for.

Wyman drops that the finale will essentially be a three-part episode. Just the idea of a three-hour finale is rather exciting.

One thing that really comes through in this interview is how much the fans matter to the people behind Fringe. They know how lucky they are to not only have such a devoted group of followers, but to get the chance to send the show off in a way that satisfies everyone. Wyman refers to the final season of Fringe as a “love letter” to the fans.

Fringe is one of the best shows on television, science fiction or otherwise. While the series has collected a core of obsessive, diehard fans, it has never garnered a wider fan base. Do your part to help change that when Fringe returns for one last adventure on September 28th.

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