Fringe Season Five Trailer Features New Footage

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

By all accounts, the Sunday-morning Fringe panel at Comic Con was a bittersweet affair. Fans were there to celebrate their favorite science fiction series, but also to say goodbye as the upcoming fifth season will be the show’s last. Cast and crew joked and laughed as they teased the thirteen-episode final season. They also unleashed a new trailer the finale.

The bulk of this video is made up of footage from the 19th episode of season four, “Letters of Transit.” Set in a future where the bald and pasty Observers have taken over and instituted an Orwellian dystopia, “Letters of Transit” serves as an introduction to the world where much of season five will take place. All of your favorites are back, this time as part of the resistance.

While you have seen much of the content in this trailer, the cast also filmed some new material especially for this reveal in San Diego. Production for season five hasn’t started yet—though Anna Torv said it is scheduled to begin Thursday—so the scenes they shot aren’t part of any specific episodes, at least not yet.

One moment in the panel that got fans’ attention was when the cast was asked if the show might possibly continue on in some other form. John Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop, said, “I think anything is possible…I would think a film is very possible.” In reality this is most likely an off-hand comment—almost immediately Joshua Jackson cracked a joke that took the wind out of the sails of Noble’s comment—but the possibility is sure to start some fans salivating.

The farewell season of Fringe begins September 28th.

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