Fringe Isn’t On Fox’s List Of Series Renewals

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Fox, the network responsible for producing and then unceremoniously cancelling more science fiction programming in the past ten years than almost any other has in the past thirty, can’t decide if it wants to keep producing episodes of Fringe. The show has been teetering on the edge of cancellation all season long and now that Fox has announced their first batch of renewals… Fringe isn’t on it.

That doesn’t mean Fringe is dead, but it does mean the show is on the bubble and at this point Fox could go either way. They aren’t ready to give it a vote of confidence and there’s a pretty good chance it won’t be back for another year. But there’s also still a slim chance that they may bring it back. It’s worth noting that their list of renewals does include several other shows, like Raising Hope, which are just as problematic in the ratings as Fringe.

But then Raising Hope isn’t science fiction and Fox has proven time and again that it has zero patience with anything that requires an ounce of imagination. Just a few weeks ago they cancelled Terra Nova, and that wasn’t even doing poorly in the ratings.

In that toxic, ready to cancel Fox environment it’s sort of amazing that Fringe has made it four seasons. Just in the time Fringe has been on the air Fox has aired and then cancelled Terra Nova, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse. Fringe fans should probably consider themselves lucky their show has managed to stick around this long.

We’ll let you know when Fox makes a final decision on the fate of Fringe.

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