Fringe Companion Book, September’s Notebook, Offers An Outside Perspective

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Just because Fringe is dead and buried doesn’t mean that fans will forget about it anytime soon. To further this end, Insight Editions is set to release a companion book called September’s Notebook later this month, on March 26th.


In true Fringe form, this isn’t going to be your typical coffee table book full of fun facts about the show, behind-the-scenes photos, and all that jazz. This is a direct tie-in to the mythology of the show. As the title suggests, this volume purports to be the personal journal of the Observer known as September (Michael Cerveris), who later, in the fifth and final season, we meet as a human named Donald.

Fans of Fox’s sci-fi police procedural know that September fixated on the duo of Walter (John Noble) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), compulsively watching their lives over the decades, even occasionally interfering with drastic consequences. September’s Notebook is his scrapbook of observations of their lives, adventures, cases, and relationship with Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv).

The pages of this tome are journal entries, photographs, and recaps of Fringe events the team investigated. Through September’s point of view, you explore the multiple universes and timelines of the series, learn background information on Massive Dynamic, and track character arcs.

Written by Terra Bennett and Paul Terry — though showrunner J.H. Wyman was also deeply involved in the project — the book is a piece of merchandise that actually exists within the fictional framework of the series.

Terry says:

It definitely adds to what the fans experienced on the show. It reveals just how much September observed and how he felt about those observations. It covers the events of the entire series, and there are many exclusives that the Fringe Vancouver production department blessed us with. We’ll let the fans discover those as they study each page, but we spent countless hours, days, weeks, months making sure that the imagery and design on every page communicated what it needed to for each beat of the notebook, and for each subject in the Fringe-verse.

Beyond digging into the mythology you see on the screen, September’s Notebook also elaborates on peripheral events not dealt with directly. For instance, you learn more about the original 12 Observers and their time traveling missions.