French Director’s Live-Action Akira Teaser Is Heavy On The Tease

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The live-action Akira movie may be stalled for the moment, but they’ll almost certainly get around to making some version of it at some point. Whether that’s a good idea or not is up for debate, and there certainly was a lot of debate over this last round of production, before everything ground to a halt thanks to that old standby — budget concerns. Still, Akira is a property with a lot of passionate fans, and each of those fans has their own ideal vision of what a live-action Akira movie should be (assuming it should be anything at all). That fandom includes a French director named Fabien Dubois, and he’s taken his passion for Akira a step further by posting a live-action teaser for his version of Akira to video site Vimeo. Check it out below:

As I said in the headline, it’s definitely putting the “tease” in teaser. At a mere 43 seconds long, there’s not room for much else, but I have to say, as somebody who’s only passingly familiar with Akira…this wouldn’t draw me into a theater. I realize he’s working on a budget for this fan-made teaser, but it feels like it’s missing some sort of punch at the end. It’s certainly moody and stylish, and the guy levitating what looks like a handful of black-spraypainted Hot Tamales candies is nifty and all, but overall this thing just seems forgettable. The narrator isn’t helping, either. General rule: No movie that wants to be taken seriously should ever use the word “uppity” in its marketing campaign.

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