Which Freaky Fringe Moments Creep Out The Cast?

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

We all have our favorite moments from Fringe: our favorite case, or a particular bit of creepy, crawly nastiness. Now that the end of the series is in sight—only three episodes remain—it’s high time to start reliving some of them.


The cast of the much-loved sci-fi procedural isn’t immune to having favorite moments just because they’re on the show. At the wrap party for the 100th, and final, episode, TV Line asked a handful of key cast members which gross, freaky, or just plain weird moment from the series skeeved them out the most.

Unfortunately, I can’t find an embeddable version of the video, but click here to watch the clip for yourself.

For Anna Torv (Special Agent Olivia Dunham), it was the very first episode, where the biological agent is released on the plane, that left the biggest impression. As the first fringe event, the one that started it all, you can see why that particular image lingered.

Jasika Nicole (Astrid/Astro/Asterix/various other A names), the butterflies from “The Dreamscape” (season one, episode nine) have caused the most sleepless nights in her world. Those are the meanest damn butterflies you’ll ever come across. Knowing nothing about the normal behavior of the species, that’s an easy assumption to make.

The floating man in “Os,” from season three, proves most memorable to Blair Brown (Nina Sharp, may she rest in peace). It isn’t because if freaked her out, but because it makes her jealous, since she wishes she could fly like that. I don’t know about the having to be tethered to the ground at all times, however.

Which episode was so gross, so freaky, that not one, but two Fringe cast members name it as the one that most got to them? Well, that would be “Snakehead” from season two. Both John Noble (Dr. Walter Bishop) and Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) cite the large, many-tentacled, worm-like parasite infesting the human cargo smuggled from China. They’re so disgusting that they almost made Jackson lose his lunch during shooting.

What is your favorite freaky moment from five years of Fringe? Is it the porcupine man? How about when the two different versions of the same guy get mashed together between dimensions?

The slug slithering out of the dead professor’s mouth is pretty damn nasty, but I have to agree with Peter and Walter, those giant mouth worms are my choice for the most grotesque moment in Fringe. Perhaps it’s just because I watched that particular episode on Christmas day (day-long Fringe marathon, thanks Jesus) and it is fresh in my mind, but that stands out.

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