Frankenstein’s Army Will Terrorize Your Home On September 10

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

frankenstein's army viktor
Good news, boils and ghouls! You don’t have to wait until this year’s Halloween to step into the craziest haunted house imaginable. The intensely immersive horror funfest Frankenstein’s Army is coming to DVD and Blu-ray next month, just after the film’s theatrical and VOD run is complete. Don’t you just hate it when movies take fucking forever to get a home release? Don’t you also hate it when the Nazis…do anything?

Frankenstein’s Army will be available for purchase on September 10, and you can bet your sweet, bloody bippy I’ll be snatching it up as soon as possible. If you’ll recall, I watched the film a few weeks ago and spent around 900 words fawning over it. (Read that glowing review here.) It is by no means a perfect movie, mind you, but it is the perfect movie to sit down and watch with some of your best friends, especially if they happen to dig video games and giggling their way through their terror.

Luckily, this won’t be a cheapo bare bones release, and Dark Sky Films will really give fans the good stuff with these special features. We’ll get a 31-minute Making-of featurette, which will take viewers behind the scenes of the pre-production process, including the designing and creation of the film’s utterly remarkable creatures, as envisioned by director Richard Raaphorst himself. They should just give this guy a flashlight and a campfire and let him talk about his inspirations for the entire thing, seeing as how there doesn’t appear to be a commentary track. He filmed Frankenstein’s Army in and around abandoned World War II sites throughout Europe, so hopefully some location footage will get shown here as well, since the desolation of the seemingly empty towns are half of what makes the film so creepy.

Additionally, there will be a set of interviews, including one with Raaphorst and the film’s actors, including Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, Andrei Zayats, Luke Newberry, Robert Gwilym and Alexander Mercury. As well, we’ll get interviews with cinematographer Bart Beekman and production designer Jinrich Koci. While those might not be great extras for a boring romantic comedy, both the set designs and the camera work — which you’ll find is well above your average found-footage flick — are so integral to enjoying it. You’ll actually forget it’s found footage for large chunks of time because you’ll be so busy looking around at all the interesting shit filling the frame.

There’s also an interview with the Unreal FX team who put together all those fabulous monstrosities. And speaking of, there are also creature-specific extras, where we’ll get a deeper look at the Burnt Match Man, the Mosquito Man, the Propellerhead, the Razor Teeth and the Teddy Bear Woman.

Yes, it sounds like I was either a part of this film or possibly related to Raaphorst, but I just really dug this movie. If the idea of a Nazi relative of Victor Frankenstein building killer behemoths doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Star Trek Into Darkness also comes out that day. Make the right choice.

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