Four-Year-Old Sci-Fi Fan’s Family Gives Him A Moving Star Wars Funeral

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Star WarsYou haven’t cried enough today. We’re about to fix that.

A few months ago, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith sent an adorable personalized video to one of his biggest fans, a four-year named Jack Robinson who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And because a four-year old kid is way braver and more ambitious than most of us can ever hope to be, Jack set out to accomplish everything on his rather extensive bucket list. Though he recently lost his fight, Jack’s parents made sure that the last item on his got checked of by throwing him the most out of this world Star Wars-themed funeral you can imagine.

According to the Daily Mail, Terence and Marie Robinson celebrated their son’s life and passions by arranging to have his small Star Wars coffin carried by a white horse-drawn carriage, surrounded by a cadre of stromtroopers. R2-D2 attended the ceremony, where a brass band played “The Binary Sunset”—Luke Skywalker’s theme music—and floral wreaths shaped like lightsabers and Yoda, and one that read “Jedi,” accompanied him on the trip from the church to the cemetery.

Star Wars

Speaking after the ceremony, Terence said, “Jack was a special boy, he was unique and brought everyone together…We needed to give him a unique send off, and the brilliant sunshine that came out for it was Jack looking down on us…I will always love you son.”

Before he passed away earlier this month, Jack put together one hell of a last run. Not only did he get that super sweet message from Smith, but he also scored a visit from Take That frontman Gary Barlow, and an early birthday present in the form of a ride on a fire engine.

If nothing else, Jack’s story should remind us that life is far, far too short to take anything for granted, he certainly didn’t. This kid may only have been four-years old, but he accomplished more than a lot of us will, and his story touched thousands of people around the world in the process. This also reminds you of just how much power and meaning our favorite movies and shows can have. More than just entertaining us and taking up a few hours of our time, they have the ability to cross borders and bring people from all over the world together, even if it is only in cursory way.

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