The Fourth Kind Director’s Next Is A Sci-Fi Take On The Underground Railroad

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


However one feels about the 2009 alien abduction thriller The Fourth Kind as a final product, it’s hard to deny that it isn’t your average film. It splices together two versions of fake footage, presenting one as “fact” and the other as a movie recreation, all under the mysterious guise of a quasi-documentary. One film later, The Fourth Kind writer/director Olatunde Osunsanmi is bringing a different kind of alien story to theaters.

Eden, a spec script written by Osunsanmi, has been acquired by Gold Circle Entertainment, the same company responsible for The Fourth Kind. Osunsanmi will also direct the feature, which is described as a “modern-day science fiction take on the Underground Railroad.” Sounds like someone is trying to recreate District 9‘s solid mix of aliens and prejudice-clouded history. Nothing wrong with that.

Replace “skin color” with “species” and Eden will tell a tale of slavery, where aliens are the massahs and humans are the oppressed ones. As in War of the Worlds, this story will follow a single family who risk their lives on the run, trying to make it to a safe city. To get there, they must use the Rail. I guess since it’s the future, the word road isn’t relevant anymore.

Osunsanmi also has his Black List script Dark Moon, about a black ops team sent on a lunar mission, in development at Warner Bros., and had his multi-camera mystery thriller Evidence picked up at SXSW by Image Entertainment. His first film, The Cavern, isn’t worth talking about, so we’re withholding judgment on this intriguing project until we get more “evidence” of Osunsanmi’s storytelling skills.