May The Fourth Be With You, Enjoy Some Jedi Turtles

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It’s the fourth of May, a day picked out by Lucasfilm as an excuse to push merchandise on Star Wars fans because “may the fourth be with you” is kind of a funny internet meme. No point in fighting it (besides this is a really really good deal for Star Wars on Blu-ray), so let’s celebrate it by giving you more of what will end up being Star Wars’ true lasting legacy: Silly fan videos.

Here’s some Jedi turtles…

Twenty years ago I’d have told you that Star Wars’ lasting legacy would be its impact on the world of film. Star Wars is, after all, largely responsible for the modern blockbuster. But now that the franchise has been watered down and in some respects turned into a mockery (rightly or wrongly) by its creator, the thing that seems to matter most about Star Wars is all the silly web videos it has inspired in its fans.

Or at least that’s all anyone really talks about anymore.

We used to debate who was the more powerful force user, or argue over which was the more awesome Star Wars creature. Now we all watch videos in which household pets go at it with lightsabers. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, so let’s stop thinking about it and enjoy more force-wielding turtles…