Forget The Clock Tower, Save Back To The Future’s DeLorean

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Ask anyone what the coolest car in the history of movies is, and the only acceptable answer is the Back to the Future DeLorean. They actually used several different cars over the course of filming the epic time travel trilogy, each designed for different purposes. The one you saw on screen the most though, was the “A” car, the most detailed and carefully constructed vehicle designed to look absolutely brilliant even in extreme close-up shots. And now that DeLorean, the very best of them, needs your help.

Back to the Future co-writer and producer Bob Gale recently announced that they’ve rescued the DeLorean A and have begun work on a complete, “museum quality” restoration of the car. Apparently the car has been put on display outdoors for a number of years, and the elements have taken their toll on it.

This is the car in question…

To restore it to pristine time traveling condition they need parts, and to get parts… well that’s where mega-fans come in. Here’s how Gale explains it:

I am calling on all fans who either have original parts from any of the DeLoreans from the BTTF Trilogy, or who know of anyone who has such items, to become part of this important project. Please email us ( with details. You may have something we need, or you may be able to help us track down something we need. If so, you’ll be duly acknowledged as a contributor to the restoration.

Most of us probably don’t have a spare flux capacitor lying around in their back yard, but maybe you know someone who’s a member of the DeLorean Owners Club or perhaps you drive past a house with a DeLorean sitting out front not rusting away on your route to work every day. Keep an eye out for an extra Mr. Fusion and maybe Bob Gale will be able to save the real DeLorean.

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