Take A First Look At Footage Of World War Z

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The film adaptation of Max Brooks’ best-selling novel, World War Z, has been at the forefront of production delays in Hollywood. Amongst other problems, producer and star Brad Pitt had been at odds with director Marc Forster throughout the entire film’s production. Hopefully, the end product will be good enough for audiences around the world. Here is a first look at World War Z and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

This is actually a teaser for the upcoming trailer that will premiere on Entertainment Tonight. Brad Pitt plays a United Nations employee who races to stop a zombie pandemic. The film will depict the collapse of the U.S. Government as the zombie outbreak rages on. The world is falling apart, and you’ll a front row seats for the action during the summer of 2013.

World War Z is one step away from being a complete fiasco. That step really depends on if the film is actually good or not. The film was slated for release in December 2012 but was pushed back this past June because of problems with the third act and ending.

Re-shoots were ordered, but a new script had to be written. Paramount brought on screenwriter Damon Lindelof to revise the original screenplay, but then he left the project due to over-scheduling. Screenwriter Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) was brought on to re-write the third act and ending of the film.

Once the script was revised, re-shoots commenced. Then, due to tensions on location in Budapest, Brad Pitt and Marc Forster were no longer on speaking terms. Executives from Paramount were brought in to mediate between the two of them. The film just finished re-shoots and is now being cut together. Hopefully, the film will hold up after all the production issues it had to battle.

World War Z will open in theaters everywhere on June 21, 2013. You can check out the bare-bones teaser poster below.


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