In the Flesh: Watch The First Three Minutes Online Now

By Rudie Obias | Published

The summer is probably the best time for genre fans, with genre-heavy offerings on TV and at the movies. This week we will see the American premiere of one of the most anticipated summer series, In the Flesh on BBC America.

If you simply can’t wait for The Walking Dead’s return or World War Z’s opening and you absolutely need your zombie fix now, then In the Flesh is the TV series for you. To build anticipation for the arrival of the British series, BBC America has released the first three minutes of the premiere episode online.

This brief look is really exciting, featuring a girl trapped in a department store during a zombie attack. The audience soon realizes that the attack is part of a flashback from the POV of one of the zombies, the series’ protagonist, Kieren “Ren” Walker. He’s a teenager coming to terms with his Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) as he tries to make the transition from killing and eating people’s brains, back to life as a healthy and productive member of society.

In the Flesh takes place in a world where humanity finds the cure for zombie-ism. The series follows the rehabilitation of PDS suffers as newly cured people are re-introduced into society. The three-part series has a lot of potential to examine the line between zombies, humans, and society. BBC America has already greenlit season two for next summer. British playwright Dominic Mitchell created and wrote In the Flesh for television.

In the Flesh premieres tomorrow, June 6th, on BBC America. The second and third episodes will follow on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively.