In the Flesh PSA Imparts A Lesson In Weaponry

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

With the world taken over by zombie-related media, the small sub-genre of how-to guides on coping with zombies has become its own thing. It culminated almost immediately with Max Brooks’ brilliant The Zombie Survival Guide, but it’s still a driving force for writers who don’t mind repeating what others have already written.

The upcoming BBC Three “rehabilitated zombies” series In the Flesh has been using a clever series of animated service announcements advising citizens on how to properly react in the current state of zombie assimilation. The third and final video is out now, and is the most informative of the bunch. Whereas the first video warned against approaching zombies and to report them to authorities, and the second was mostly an informative lesson in zombie facts, this third video gets down to the nitty-gritty survival instinct of kill or be killed. And in this case, you get style points for improvising. Check out the video below, and wonder what happened to the woman’s soothing voiceover. I miss her already.

The last time I tried to improvise in the middle of a zombie fight, I had the brilliant idea of smashing a hot pot of coffee over the thing’s head, but it bit me while I was scooping the coffee into the filter.

In the Flesh was created by playwright Dominic Mitchell, and follows Kieren (Luke Newberry), a rehabilitated zombie who, along with thousands of other undead beings, are being brought back into society. The show will debut on the BBC Three on March 17, 2013. And if you can’t watch it on the BBC, do like the video says and improvise.