In The Flesh PSA Says To Keep Calm And Avoid The Undead

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

“Keep calm and avoid the Undead.” That’s sound advice in the event of a widespread zombie uprising, and a clever twist on the “Keep calm and carry on” campaign that originated in London during World War II. Check out this awesome new animated trailer for the upcoming BBC show, In the Flesh. I happen to find the voiceover very soothing, which is strange considering that they’re talking about corpses coming back to life and eating the living. But according to this message, you can just hang out, stay safe, call a hotline, and an armed government force will be right along to help you out of a jam.

In the Flesh takes a different approach to the threat of a zombie apocalypse than, say, The Walking Dead. While AMC’s ratings juggernaut shows the crushingly pessimistic version of survival after the dead rise, the BBC’s entry deals with the problems of attempting to reintegrate docile, domesticated zombies back into society. Apparently the undead didn’t completely destroy civilization in this tale, and there are social, political, and personal issues regarding what to do with the dead, or at least the dead-ish.

This angle has been tackled a couple of times before. Shaun of the Dead touches on it at the very end, and the criminally underseen Fido casts the undead as household pets. Still, this is a nice alternative to the standard bleak, grim zombie tale that we’ve become accustomed to in recent days.

In the Flesh tells the story of a zombie named Kieren (Luke Newberry) as he tries to find his place in society. You can’t help but think of Warm Bodies when you think about the undead trying to live normal, everyday lives. It must be hard to be surrounded by brains all day when all you want to do is crack every skull you see and chow down.

In the Flesh hits the airwaves March 17th in the UK. As of yet there is no word on when it might hop the pond and debut in the US.