The Flag Goes Missing In Two New Apollo 18 Clips

By Will LeBlanc | Published

I think that anyone who believes that the species of Earth are the only living beings in the whole wide universe is an arrogant douche that needs to reassess exactly how much the universe encompasses. That said, the idea that there could be violent extra-terrestrial species as close to us as the Moon is terrifying. Apollo 18 has presented us with exactly that, and these two new clips don’t help soften the tension. Check them out after the jump.

The footage isn’t anything surprising, just more teasery “real life” clips from the supposed mission. However, to anyone not totally desensitized to the horror realm, the clips to their job in making you just a little bit more scared of what you might see in this movie.

You wouldn’t be the first if you walked away from these clips feeling a sort of Paranormal Activity vibe. It’s the exact same kind of “found footage” film that film makers are emulating now to help create a stronger sense of realism, but it’s reaching a point where it’s feeling overused. It’s going to be even worse when Oren Peli’s, the man who revived this technique, next film hits since it will definitely follow the same mold. The style will undoubtedly need another break in the next few years, just like after Blair Witch.

Even though the “found footage” concept is reaching its breaking point, Apollo 18 has the potential to be a really scary film. It won’t be quite as scary as it would have been three years ago before Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity brought this style to the forefront, but it’ll still give you the willies if you let it.