Five(ish) Sci-Fi Movies Roger Ebert Championed More Than He Should Have

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

knowingKnowing — (4 stars)
We’re fans of Alex Proyas here at GFR, with Dark City reining as one of the coolest dystopias in existence. But he took a walk on the wild and ludicrous side with 2009’s Knowing, a movie that somehow smashed together the conspiratorial weirdness of The Number 23 with the grand destructive scale of 2012. Ebert starts off by saying, “Knowing is among the best science-fiction films I’ve ever seen,” calling it frightening, suspenseful, intelligent, and awesome. Starring Nicolas Cage as an MIT astrophysics professor — come on! — Knowing hints at a fated doomsday that Cage must try and thwart before it’s too late, in some of the most ridiculous ways possible, which is apparently “expert and confident storytelling” in Ebert’s book.

Key Quote: “By ‘scientifically sound,’ I don’t mean anyone at MIT is going to find the plot other than preposterous. So it is — but not while the movie is playing. It works as science fiction, which often changes one coordinate in an otherwise logical world just to see what might happen.”

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