Firefly Mashes Into Castle In This Fan-Made Video

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

From now until the day he dies, or—god forbid—he retires from acting, any project Nathan Fillion is a part of will automatically have a built-in fan base of rabid Firefly fans. If you don’t believe me, check out what one devoted fan did, giving the credits to Fillion’s ABC mystery drama Castle a bit of the Firefly treatment.

This really just makes me want to marathon Firefly and then catch up on Castle, which I totally dig, but am woefully (read: seasons) behind on.

The best part about this video is how much Fillion loves this kind of fan stuff. He, along with most of the rest of the cast and crew, are totally into how hardcore their followers are. There aren’t many other shows (Fringe is the only other recent series that springs to mind that even comes close) where you can really tell how much the people involved appreciate the devoted nature of their fans. It’s adorable, watching them tear up on convention panels, give heartfelt speeches, and the like.

At San Diego Comic Con this year, the Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel was, as you can imagine, completely full. Afterwards, on his way to another interview, Fillion grabbed a couple of costumed fans who had been waiting for hours, but who didn’t get in, and dragged them along to his next stop as his own personal bodyguards. How cool is that?

The creator of this video got a pleasant surprise the other morning. Upon waking, YouTube user AkaBlackCastle’s account was going nuts. Apparently Fillion came across the video and Tweeted about it. You can imagine what kind of viewing frenzy among fans, desperate for anything Firefly related, that kicked off.

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