Firefly Teaser Page Suggests New Comic Will Pick Up Where Serenity Left Off

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

FireflyHeaderWith Joss Whedon now Hollywood royalty after The Avengers made $1.5 billion, many of his fans are clinging to newly rekindled hope that he might use that cachet to bring back Firefly in some form or another. Unfortunately, The Avengers’ success is a double-edged sword. Joss is certainly now an A-lister, but that also means he’s really, really busy. Still, all is not lost: Dark Horse Comics recently began teasing a new Firefly comic project of some sort. And while we don’t have many details yet, an image they recently posted suggests the series will pick up right where fans would hope: after the events of Serenity.

Dark Horse has already released several comics set in Whedon’s science fiction universe over the years, but they have typically been set between or before the events of the series and the movie. That’s nice, but what many Firefly fans really crave — myself included — is a continuation of the story, something that explores what happens to Malcolm Reynolds and the rest after the brutal events seen in Serenity. Now one of the images shared by Dark Horse seems to hint strongly that that’s exactly what we’re going to get. Check out the page released by Dark Horse below. (You can click it for a slightly larger version.)


Dark Horse tweeted the comic page along with the message, “What’s happening? Where are they?” Those questions may have been intended as rhetorical, but let’s pretend they weren’t. The art shows what is most likely a pair of Alliance officers or leaders discussing what can only be River Tam. Serenity explained why River was always a little off: the Alliance had rummaged around in her head, resulting in a perfect weapon whose head is also filled with dark secrets. We saw the big one in Serenity, when they discovered that elicit Alliance experiments had inadvertently created one of the Firefly universe’s most frightening menaces: the ferocious, cannibalistic Reavers. Serenity ended with Mal and the (surviving) others broadcasting that truth to the ‘verse.

While that sort of publicity is certainly going to be bad for the Alliance, it isn’t going to just collapse right away. The two Alliance officers in the comic page are pretty clearly talking about the state of affairs post-Serenity. They also suggest a narrative direction for this upcoming — hopefully ongoing — series: River may have other secrets in her noggin. Combined with the final line — “Where do you hide when everyone in the ‘verse is looking for you?” — it looks like this new Firefly series will follow in the footsteps of Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, spinning new tales in the aftermath of their on-screen finales.

Of course I could certainly be misinterpreting all of this. But I don’t think I am. I think it is exactly what it looks like, and that’s news that should make any Browncoat’s pulse race. We’ll keep you posted when there’s more news about Dark Horse’s Firefly’s project. Can’t stop the signal!