Find Love, Not Necessarily Respect, With Trekkie Dating

By Nick Venable | 9 years ago

Humans have come so far in their quest to find true love. You used to have to actually leave your house and put physical and financial effort into finding a significant other. (I’m speaking as a male, but not wanting to leave out the liberated females here.) Then there were party lines, which gave unattractive and antisocial people a chance at perhaps turning a conversation into something more. Speed dating…well, that’s just a stupid idea anyway. Here in the Internet age, you don’t have to get out of your hyperbaric chamber to find literally millions of people to talk to, flirt with, and barrage with candid photographs of food arranged around your genitalia.

Formerly generic in nature, these dating websites have become super-specific in drawing their clientele, focusing on characteristics such as race, religion, and politics. Well, here comes a site that will definitely go on longer and farther than any of those petty experiments. I’m…talking…about…Trekkies. (It’s hard to pull a Shatner impression off in print.)

Trekkie Dating wants fans to mingle electronically in order to “Live Love and Prosper.” Take a few minutes to create a free profile (suggested user name: USSEnterMe), using a false picture of course, and check out some of what this particular dating pool has to offer. If you find something to your taste, you have to get a premium membership for a fee in order to actually contact anyone. Dammit, it’s a dating site, not a money-tree grower. And that part right there makes it sound like almost every other dating site, just with more Vulcan ears.