See If You Can Name All The Films In This Six-Minute Science Fiction Supercut

By David Wharton | Published

It’s a time for giving thanks here in the States. Well, giving thanks and trampling people to purchase more stuff you can be thankful for next year. We here at GFR are thankful for all the usual stuff — family, our health, the fact that The Walking Dead is much improved this season — but we also, as you might expect, are thankful for big-screen science fiction movies. Sure, Hollywood screws it up as often as they get it right, but there are plenty of times when they have gotten it right. Those times have filled our brains with delight and indelible visions of bike-riding aliens silhouetted against the Moon, Ellen Ripley going mom-o a mom-o with an alien queen, and a dying android wishing he had more time.

You’ll find most, if not all, of those fond memories contained in the below supercut, a six-minute epic that strings together some of the best scenes and most unforgettable images from 100 works of cinematic science fiction. Many props to the possibly insane Redditor who edited it all together. And away we go!