Feast Your Eyes On A 500lb Darth Vader Cake

By Brian Williams | 8 years ago

You can call Darth Vader many things: evil, menacing, scary, a heavy breather, but who knew you could also call him tasty? Unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Orlando, Fl was probably the biggest and most detailed Darth Vader cake the world has ever seen. I wonder if it was James Earl Jones or David Prowse flavored.

Made by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes out of Boston, the Darth Vader cake was created to honor the 501st legion at a banquet last Friday night. The cake weighs in at a whopping 500lbs, with 100lbs of its weight coming from the 5 and a half foot marshmallow fondant cape, and stands 6ft 7in tall. Vader was a big hit at the banquet and quickly dispatched by his favorite legion of stormtroopers. I guess this means they don’t like their boss very much.

The 501st apparently learned of Amanda Oakleaf’s life size stormtrooper cake that they made for the Arisia SciFi Convention in Boston and wanted something just as amazing for their 15th anniversary as the well known cosplay and charity organization. Over the past 15 years the 501st has gone from a small assortment of Star Wars cosplayers to actually becoming part of the cannon of the Star Wars universe, even going so far as having a book series and a couple of episodes of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series revolve around their fictionalized namesake . I’d say that’s definitely a feat worthy of some cake.

Click through the gallery to see the construction and eventual destruction of Vader cake.


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