Father/Daughter Aliens Power Loader Costume

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

With Halloween falling in the middle of the week, it shoots a lot of people’s party plans right in the foot. Many folks took to the streets this past weekend to get a little crazy and indulge their geekiest costume fantasies. And few people got quite as geeky as one father-daughter team that dressed up in a combination costume of the Power Loader from Aliens.

In realistic terms, it was the father who had the vast majority of the fun in this getup. The baby seem remarkably content with the whole ordeal, but she’s a baby, so how much can an infant truly appreciate standing in for Ripley? Sure, when she’s older she’ll hopefully be pretty psyched and pattern her life after the heroine, but for now she can only bounce around, gurgle, and spit up while she battles alien queens.

This is an awesome way to bond with your kid while still getting to go out and have a good time. Who says parents can’t party?

The best parts are that the entire costume only took two nights to build out of cardboard and hot glue, and how safety conscious he was when designing this suit. Baby is securely attached to dad’s chest in your standard Baby Bjorn contraption. In case of emergency, a quick shrug of the shoulders and the arms pop right off, and he could slip his arms out at any time to tend to his ward. However, there is one down side: you have to take off the frame of the costume to change a nasty diaper from time to time.

Check out dad, baby, and Power Loader in action in this video.