Farscape’s Ben Browder Will Guest Star On A Wild West Doctor Who

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Last season the Doctor visited modern day American and now it looks like for the upcoming season (the show’s seventh) he’ll spend some time in America’s past. Or at least in a part of Spain they’ve dressed up to look like America’s past. Doctor Who is putting on his cowboy hat and headed back in time to the Old West.

Even better, they’ve brought in former Farscape star Ben Browder to guest star in episode 3 of series 7. That third episode is the Wild West one and while there’s no word yet on who Browder will play, he’d make a great Wyatt Earp.

Quietly, without almost anyone noticing, Browder once starred in the best show on television. Farscape really was that good, yet years after its cancellation, still almost no one has noticed. He then went on to do Stargate SG-1 in its waning years, starred in two Stargate movies, and eventually showed up as a guest star on Chuck. What I’m getting at here is that since Browder is something of a sci-fi icon at this point, getting him involved in Doctor Who seems like the right move.