Fans Campaigning To Get John Carter A Sequel

By Saralyn Smith | Published

Disney doesn’t exactly have a breakout hit with its massively budgeted sci-fi adventure John Carter. It’s only made about $37 million domestically and another $70 million internationally, which doesn’t come close to touching the film’s $250 million production price tag. There are a lot of potential explanations for this – not the least of which being the film’s actual quality – but it would definitely be surprising if Disney decided to move ahead with the rest of the intended trilogy. Despite the low earnings and poor ratings, not everyone is ready to give up on John Carter just yet. A group of fans have started an online campaign to have Disney produce a sequel.

Actually, “campaign” might be a bit of a strong word for what’s going on. There is a Facebook group called “Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!” that has almost 3,000 people and a Twitter account (@BackToBarsoom) with a whopping 62 followers.  Folks who have signed up express your typical fan grievances – that the film was actually awesome, critics are idiots, etc – but also bring up good points (as we did here) about the way Disney approached the adaptation.  Everything from the terribly vague name and action-packed but uninformative trailers to the John Carter‘s giant budget come under fire from fans.

It looks like Disney isn’t exactly behind this fan movement, though.  Several people in the group report trying to post a link to the fan group on Disney’s Facebook page, only to have it removed by moderators.  That seems a bit excessive a reaction for such a small movement, so Disney must really, definitely not want to do a sequel.  Either that or they are already planning to move ahead and don’t want people to think they gave in to the fans.

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