Fan-Made TARDIS Map Is Exhaustive, Insane, And Delightful

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

ZeroSmallThis past weekend Doctor Who fans got to scope out something we’ve seen very little of during the show’s five-decade history. Namely, the labyrinthine interior of the Doctor’s TARDIS, a wholly remarkable ship capable not only of traveling through time and space, but of being vastly bigger on the inside and changing its layout at a moment’s notice. Clara’s journey to the center of the TARDIS showed us the nifty Library, but we’ve still only seen the barest hint of what the ship has to offer. The task of mapping out something as enormous and fluid as the TARDIS is pretty much the definition of “Sisyphean,” but that hasn’t stopped the amusingly named “alibi_factory” from serving up some TARDIS maps that are both artistic and appropriately head-trippy.

The maps were posted on the Doctor Who Fic LiveJournal group, beginning with “Floor Zero,” which you can see above. It shows us the familiar control room, but also such amenities as “Parts for Robots,” “Buttons That Light Up,” and a cafe! Right away this is a project after our own hearts (both of them). What is there not to love about a series where each map is completely different from the last, ranging from “Floor Donut,” which holds the swimming pool and the puppet theater, to “Floor 809,” which appears to be home to a single red balloon.

These are obviously just one person’s interpretation of the place where the Doctor hangs his hat, but they’re a pretty marvelous interpretation if you ask me. The maps perfectly fit the sense of wonder and whimsy that makes Doctor Who so much fun.

You can see our favorites from the maps below, and click over here for the rest. You can click the images for a larger version. Geronimo!






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