Doctor Who Fan Posters Tease The 50th Anniversary

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Who will be returning for Doctor Who’s big 50th anniversary celebration this fall?


Abbott and Costello riffs aside, it is the big question taunting loyal Whovians these days. Very little has been officially confirmed at this point, but fan speculation is running rampant, with the most enticing rumors suggesting that all 11 Doctors — even the three dead ones — will reunite onscreen for some sort of epic adventure. While that idea should probably be filed under “Too Good to Be True” until actually confirmed or denied, one Who fan decided to twist the knife a bit by throwing together these rather awesome posters.


Aside from the blog where they first turned up, I haven’t been able to find any identity for the talented bloke or blokette who made the posters. That’s a damn shame, because I’d love to attach the following praise to a specific name, so if anybody knows the artist, let me know so I can link to them.

The thing I love about these, aside from the overall professional-level quality of the execution, is that it’s such a simple, elegant concept. Aside from the TARDIS itself and the song from the opening credits, some of the most iconic elements of the show have been the various “uniforms” of the different Doctors. They say the clothes make the man, and each new variation is a way both to visually distinguish the Time Lord from his previous incarnation, and hint at his personality as viewers are just getting to know him. Whether it’s Tom Baker’s scarf and hat, Tennant’s dapper suit-and-sneakers combos, or Matt Smith’s cool bowtie, these posters use the Doctor’s various looks as a perfect way to honor the show’s legacy.

And if anybody in the BBC’s marketing department is paying attention, you guys should be taking notes.





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