Fanboys Flops At The Box Office

By Josh Tyler | 12 years ago

fanboysAfter delays, controversy, and years in development hell, the much anticipated geek movie Fanboys hit theaters this weekend. See it fast, it may not be there for long.

The movie opened in an extremely limited run. Only 44 theaters, mostly in New York and Los Angeles,. Granted with such a limited release you don’t expect big box office, but to have any hope of expanding into a wider release it probably needed to make more than $164,000.

Yep, that’s the number being reported by Box Office Mojo as the movie’s opening weekend take. Fanboys opened in 34th place. To put that into perspective, a movie called The Class, which has been out for a couple of weeks now, played in 27 theaters and managed $192,000.

If you break it down by per-screen average, then things don’t like quite as bad. Fanboys earned an average of $3,727 per screen. That’s more per screen than Paul Blart: Mall cop, which earned $3,471 per screen. Except Paul Blart: Mall Cop is in its fourth week of release and has nothing to prove. Fanboys does and if fans wanted to see it open wider, the movie probably needed more support from those of you in cities where tickets were available.

It now seems pretty unlikely that the movie will expand any wider. Actually there’s a fairly good chance that by next week, it won’t even be in most of those 44 theaters it’s currently in. If like me, you’re stuck in a city where it’s not playing, plan on waiting for the DVD.

For those of you in cities where it is playing… get out there and see it right away. It may be gone by Friday. Here’s a complete list of locations where (at least for the next 4 days) you can find Fanboys playing, courtesy of AICN:

1. AMC Lincoln Square
2. AMC Empire
3. Regal Union Square
4. Regal Farmingdale
5. Regal New Roc City
6. AMC Loews 34th Street 14
7. AMC Loews Raceway 10

1.Mann Chinese
2.Regal Long Beach 26
3. AMC Century City 15
4. Pacific Culver Stadium 12
5. AMC Loews Broadway 4
6. AMC Burbank 16 – 10:50am
7. Pacific Beach Cities Stadium 16
8. AMC Promenade 16

1. Landmark Ritz at Bourse
2. AMC Neshaminy
3. AMC Cherry Hill
1. AMC Pipers Alley
2. AMC River East
3. AMC Barrington 30

1. AMC Metre on 16
2. Century 20 Downtown Redwood City
3. Century 20 Daly City
4. Century Northgate 15 Cinemas

1. AMC Studio 30
2. AMC Gulf Pointe 30
3. CITY Angelika Film Center

1. AMC Pacific Place
2. Centurion Lincoln Square Bellevue
3. Regal Alderwood
4. Regal Parkway Plaza 12 Tukwila

1. Alamo Ritz

And by way of reminder, here’s the official Fanboys trailer:

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