Fan Petition To Bring Back Captain Jack Harkness For Doctor Who’s 50th

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Captain RiverThere’s been plenty of rumor and speculation about who will be putting in an appearance in Doctor Who’s much-anticipated 50th anniversary special. So far the only confirmed former Doctor joining the fun is David Tennant, whose Tenth Doctor will also be joined by Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. At this point it’s unclear whether any of the Doctor’s other previous incarnations will join the fun — and shame on the BBC if they don’t — but one other fan favorite has confirmed he won’t be back. Now fans have put together a petition to Who showrunner Steven Moffat, with one goal: bring back Captain Jack Harkness!

Actor John Barrowman had said repeatedly in recent months that he hoped his fan-favorite character would be asked back for the special, but he finally broke the bad news back in March, via Twitter:


But Captain Jack fans aren’t the sort to let a grave mistake like this stand. Who fan Emily Cohen has started a petition on, simply asking Moffat to “Ask John Barrowman to be a part of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.” Pretty straightforward,” but she’s got our support. The petition currently only has 86 signatures, which is pretty sad. If you’re a Captain Jack fan, let’s shower some GFR love on that petition. It probably won’t make any difference, but hey, at least we did our good deed for the day.

While we probably won’t get that extra dose of Captain Jack we’re all craving in the anniversary special, Barrowman and one other important Who player would love to team up onscreen. Barrownman recently told The TV Addict about his first meeting with River Song herself, actress Alex Kingston, at a party, and how the two instantly hit it off.

We didn’t even say anything, we just looked at each other and went, ‘Aaaaaahhh! My god!’ We got a glass of champagne and started talking about how it would be great if River and Jack – actually, she said River and Jack should have their own TV show. Then as we talked more, we realized that we’re both born on the same day. We’re both March 11th babies and we have so much in common. We like a lot of the same things and our attitude towards stuff is very, very similar. It struck a chord with us because that’s why River and Jack are very similar characters, in their attitude and their fun and their aggression, we are the same in real life – which is really ironic.

Damn it, BBC, make this happen! I would totally tune in for the Captain Jack and River Song Variety Hour. In the meantime, you can see both actors occasionally putting in appearances on The CW’s Arrow.

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